Sliding Glass Doors



The cushioning system for your safety: slows the glass door effectively, gently and quietly irrespective of its weight and speed of closure, and does so over a distance of several inches.

  • Prevents the door from banging hard – with the associated noise and vibrations
  • Reliably protects against glass breakage and damage to fittings and walls
  • Prevents damage through doors “jumping out” or tilting
  • Removes the risk of trapped fingers almost entirely


The solution for easy installation without glass cutout turns the installation of glass sliding doors into a “foolproof” sequence.

No glass cutout necessary

The well-developed clamping technology makes notches on the glass unnecessary. The suspension system has been developed in such a way that the panels are securely held by the clamp mechanism. The compact cushioning technology is also accommodated in the top track, without requiring any glass cutout.

Ease of assembly

Krystal Glass sliding door system impresses through its ease of assembly and simple handling in all installation situations:

  • The panel can be hung on the mounted track profile from the front without difficulty. No need to hang the heavy glass pane into the cover profile!
  • Anti-tilting devices and safety catches can be fixed at a later time.
  • Fast and safe assembly as well as user-friendly design thanks to a small number of well-engineered components

Adjustable floor guide

The elegant floor guide convinces through its simple adjustment to take account of the various glass thicknesses. The plastic inserts will safely guide 3/8’’ to ½’’ mm glass panels. The closely fitting guide prevents the sashes from “rattling”. The friction of the floor guide is matched with the self- closing system.

examples of mechanisms

1 or 2 doors with technical systems

Telescopic 3 doors + fixed option

1 or 2 doors

Telescopic 4 doors + fixed option

1 or 2 doors with fixed panel

Telescopic 2 doors + fixed option

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