Frameless Glass Partitions


Krystal Glass offers a wide range of the latest glazed partitioning systems. The partitioning can be designed and installed to your own, unique requirements with a combination of the glass partitioning, space saving sliding glass doors and bespoke manifestation (film) designs.

Glass allows light to flood the workplace to create an atmosphere of space, yet effectively provides shielded office zones where concentration and creativity may flourish.

Available in either straight striking lines, facets, or the most graceful curves, Krystal systems’ minimalist forms exude elegance and luxury in all kinds of surroundings.

Single glass partitioning is designed with minimum components, to facilitate speedy erection without compromising strength and rigidity. The partitioning is silicone jointed yet is a virtually frameless system with no vertical posts between modules, corners or three way junctions.

Frameless glass partitions can be installed in conjunction with solid panels to complete a unique design feature.

Benefits of the frameless glass partitions:

  • All glass partitions are demountable and can be relocated if your requirements change
  • Can be provided with acoustic performance up to 37dB
  • Allows for a range of door options such as frameless, framed, sliding, swing, etc.
  • Can seamlessly integrate into drywall to create a combination of part drywall, part glazed finish
  • The glass options are available in 3/8’’ thick to 9/16’’ thick tempered and laminated glass

Each frameless interior system, whether single swing doors, frameless glass partitions, or partitions with integrated frameless doors, is bespoke designed and detailed per project to ensure fixings, handles and construction suits each individual application and project.

When you are looking to create a clear glass barrier between internal areas our frameless interior system is the perfect choice.

With large glass sizes and a wide range of opening door types available you can create glass partitions, internal glass walls and glass doors all in a modern all glass design.

Commercial pivot boxes with hold open and soft close mechanisms can be easily integrated along with electromagnetic locking and access equipment.

Krystal Glass provides a full design, manufacture and installation service for the frameless glass partitions systems fully warranted and backed up by the company’s service department.